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I’m typing this as I sit in front of the Sprint store. It’s 4:30 am. I’ve been here since about 3:50 am. Most normal people are sleeping because it’s a weekday but I’m here sitting on ant covered concrete until 8 am. I’ve never been one of those people to wait in line forever for new releases of technology. I may be impulsive sometimes but not to the point that it interferes with my sleep usually. I’m only here because Jordan wants the new iPhone5s and I’m being a good partner in crime and tagging along. When I was little we never went to Black Friday because my mom hates malls and shopping for extended periods of time and busy places. I guess that’s why she doesn’t like Orlando but that’s a different story. Well anyway I’m kind of glad that we never went to Black Fridays because it’s mostly just a bunch of people buying stuff they really don’t need at crazy hours of the night which forces employees to suffer through that event. I don’t know. It just seems strange that people will wait in long lines for new games, phones, etc just to get it that day because they don’t want to wait to get their stuff at a reasonable hour. I guess that’s just the procrastinator in me that is finally useful for something productive and that something is being in bed like the rest of society and not sitting on concrete, leaning against a glass window and having my butt go numb. 4:48 am. 3 hours left….
Update: 4:50 am - moved into back seat of car. I’m laying down and using my bag as a pillow. Jordan is still sitting in front of the store.

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